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Mineral Descriptions

Amethyst: Purple Quartz: The purple in amethyst comes from iron. Low quality amethyst is mildly purple. High quality amethyst is dark, deep, rich, royal purple like a dense bouquet of violets. Most of our pieces are high to very high quality. We have both small, dark crystal and large, dark crystal amethyst. One appears more delicate and sugary, the other more massive and robust.

Amethyst Cathedrals: Open-faced tubes lined with purple amethyst crystals. The cathedrals are mined in near-surface mines and later split. Matching pairs are rare but make nice fireplace or mantle accessories. Single cathedrals may weigh more than 5,000 pounds but our average piece is close to 70 pounds. Many of our cathedrals have white or orange calcite crystals inside. The calcite adds a color contrast that makes the purple more vivid.

Amethyst Druse: Smaller pieces of amethyst that aren’t preserved in their tube form are called Druse or Crusts. These are often available in wooden stands that allow them to be displayed on desks or countertops. The largest Druse are over 100 pounds but most are 10-15 pounds. These make ideal gifts and are easily shipped.

Amethyst Roses: These are thin, elliptical plates of translucent amethyst. They are a rare form of quartz and look nice on a small stand. Typically white, the best pieces have a little purple and are nearly round. This is more of a collector item.

Citrine Cathedrals and Druse: Between 5 and 10% of the Brazilian amethyst is baked to change it into citrine. Extreme heat turns the purple color to a burnt orange. It also makes the piece more fragile. Light amethyst becomes light citrine. Dark amethyst becomes dark citrine. Natural citrine exists but doesn’t look nearly as nice as the baked version. Good citrine is rare and we don’t buy average pieces.

Large Amethyst Pieces: Large pieces (1,000-5,000 Pounds) are available for offices, jewelry stores, homes, museums or gardens. Please email us your contact information and what you’d like to do and we’ll call you to discuss the options.

Clear Quartz: When shopping for quartz one wants primarily two things – clarity and good crystal tips. We also look for twins – single crystals that grew in two directions. Large, translucent crystals are nice. Quartz doesn’t photograph well (it’s like taking a picture of glass) but we have some terrific pieces. Some say quartz has certain healing properties – all of our quartz pieces have the same high level of healing potential.

Calcite: Calcite comes in a variety of crystal forms. We primarily have dog-tooth calcite. Apart from the pieces within the amethyst cathedrals we have a fairly limited selection.

Tourmaline and Aquamarine: Gem quality tourmaline and aquamarine come in a variety of colors and are incredible. They are also not what we offer. Our pieces display natural crystals in a white, smokie or rose quartz matrix. For display purposes – size counts. We look for large crystals that standout from the country rock. If you’re a collector – we have some interesting items. These are great gifts for earthy types.

Pyrite: Also called ‘fool’s gold’, pyrite is an elegant mineral for display. Small pieces add a flare of gold to a desk or shelf. Larger pieces work well in a nook with a light. We look for pieces with pronounced cubes of dodecahedrons.

Orbs or Spheres: We have a variety of polished mineral spheres. These range in diameter from a few inches to a meter in diameter (special order). Most of what we have is baseball to softball in size. Our mineral spheres include Amethyst (purple), Sodalite (blue), Gabbro (black), Calcite (orange and yellow), Serpentinite (green), Grey Marble, Black and White Banded Gneiss, Cats Eye, Tigers Eye, Rose Quartz, Jasper (red) and Banded Agate. The pieces make a nice arrangement in a bowl or clear vase.

Other Minerals: From time to time we find other interesting pieces. These include Potato Chip Selenite, Epidote, Kyanite, Lepidolite, Amazonite, Petrified Wood, Rutilated Quartz and Beryl. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try and find


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